Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 25, 2012

What excites you?

Is it love? The ability to feel loved. The comfort of knowing you are appreciated. The unique occurrence when you give love and it multiplies in intensity.

Is it faith? Having faith that another day will come. The blessings that manifest from believing in the unseen. Knowing that faith in self, family and community inspires everyone.

Is it respect? The respect you have for self. The way you take time to learn, process and understand. The respect you share with the youth, your peers and elders. The respect you receive from friends and family because you give love.

Is it life? The art of living love. The art of celebrating the core of your spirit with those near and far. We have one life to live and love.

Give unconditionally…

Being excited about life ensures healthier living. The more excited you are about living the better your life will be.

Enjoy you. Enjoy your blessings. Enjoy breathing.

Meditate on good thoughts…

I wish you a happy, prosperous and exciting life.


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