Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 31, 2012

Spring is here…

Peace, love and light…

How are you doing? I pray all is well with you and your family. I’m in a state of gratitude. Each day I look around and see more reasons to give thanks.

Freedom’s Children: The Celebration is doing well. I’m primarily pushing the album using the internet. Many radio stations are also playing the music including listener supported WPFW.

I’m still amazed that I make a living playing an instrument. I’m thankful I get to do what I love to do (and make money). You have been a great help in this process.

Thank you for sharing the album with your friends and family. Because of you, we will have a great fan base when we release the sophomore album.

Enjoy your day, stay healthy, live love and be compassionate.

With love,

Reginald Cyntje

P.S. The album is now on Google Play. Google play completes the online retail sites. You can still find the album on and many other online retailers. Tell a friend and let them be transported by the music of Freedom’s Children: The Celebration


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