Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 24, 2012

Release, relieve and heal…

Stories release, relieve and heal…

Lately I’ve been focused on healing. It seems like life has surrounded me with reasons to heal.  I do my best to ensure I create music or use words that will inspire positive thought and hopefully change in the spirit. Am I successful? I don’t know… When it matters, I hope so.

I try to read, learn and understand the nature of humanity. I have little ones so my output is as important as the input. Recently, I noticed a series of opportunities to help in the healing process. Balancing between learning and healing became a challenge. Why? It is very important that the process is handled with love and care.

I do my best to listen with love that does not judge or question but simply seeks to understand. I keep repeating to myself, “love will find a way…” knowing that there are no guarantees but I’m hopelessly optimistic.

Giving positive reinforcement is part of the day to day. Aware that I’m human, I mix my ability to release using music with my awareness that an environment of love is what is needed.

Prayer seems only natural when healing. Having faith that the body and the mind will rejuvenate gives me strength to keep giving lovingly.

I try to take care of self in hopes that I will have the energy and succeed in nurturing others. Patience is my friend as I tend to the task of reducing the false sense of fear. I’ve faced this challenge of healing before, but this time I’m not alone. With a team of friends, family and strangers that pray, the healing has begun. A hand held, a hug felt, supporting gently and consistently.

I realize I must be strong. Healing can be draining but I replenish the spirit with love. The more I love, the more it multiplies.

As night falls on a day that was once bright, the hope is that the light will return.


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