Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 29, 2012

The Small of Her Back…

The meeting was unexpected. We stood next to each other at a promo event. We smiled then touched. I felt energy pass from the small of her back to my hand.

“Strange,” I thought.

There was no set up. No deep discussion on life. No exploration of souls. Just one touch…

I wondered if she felt what I felt or if my mind was playing a trick on me caught up in a creative fantasy. But, then we touched again and the energy became stronger. It caught my attention and I wanted to ask,

“Did you feel that?” But, I didn’t.

She was a professional. In a field that interest me. We started talking in mixed company.

She said “do you remember me? We met at that party a few years ago.”
I replied “yes.”

I remembered her but we did not speak. She walked around and I was performing but our paths did not cross. It was one of those moments when you want to speak but can’t because of the circumstances. I remember thinking that I was curious about her energy. Her aura was different. Inviting. Familiar?

So we continued talking about the night we first met and our mutual friend. Before I knew it, we exchanged contact info. She entered her info into my phone then asked

“How do you enter the @ sign on your phone?”

I came over and showed her. Because of the way she was sitting, I had to reach over her to show her how. Our bodies touched and the energy intensified. I moved away because I didn’t want to reveal that I was enjoying being next to her. We spoke about future business opportunities. After the event ended, I wanted to stay to talk with her but I had to leave…

I went through the motions of connecting through new media. I sent out the message “It was a pleasure meeting you.” Later she responded and shared a little. I did the same. She spoke of dreams and I became captivated with her thoughts. That night we spoke until the sunrise. The next night the same…

Weeks passed with us just sharing dreams and desires. One night she asked

“Do you believe in the 90 day rule?”
“Why do you ask?”
“Well men seem to need some time to appreciate the depth of a women’s mind.”
Laughing I said “Yes, it would seem so, but I don’t think you can create a rule. Some people send their representatives and don’t reveal their true selves until months later. Personally I don’t have time for playing games. Maybe there should be a nine to twelve month rule.”
“Reginald, Are you showing me your true self?”

Soon we were talking about meeting.  In our conversations we spoke about life, love, family, relationships, community and the arts.

I told her one night, “The way you look at life makes me think you are an artist.”
“I am. I want to be more of an artist. I am releasing more and more, slowly though, but more than I used to…”
“Visualize and Implement.”
“I hope to be as free as you.”
“This is your path.”
“I’m open to it…”

She was silent for a moment. Like a great composer, her silence was as effective as the melodies escaping her lips. She spoke calmly,

“Can a man and woman be friends if they are attracted to each other?”
“In my experience, no. I have not had a successful friendship with a woman where we have a mutual attraction.”
“Why can’t two minds appreciate each other without the complications of sex?”

I paused for a second then said “Would you want to hug me as a friend when we meet?” She laughed then said “No.”

The conversations intensify with each interaction but we have not met…yet



  1. beautiful piece, lovingly written. thanks for sharing it!

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