Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 12, 2012

Live wisely…

Has anyone ever felt cocooned by responsibility? Maybe we feel enlightened by purpose?

Has anyone walked in nature and felt the energy from trees? Maybe we are stuck in a concrete jungle feeling claustrophobic? The ying and yang struggling for a center in hopes of finding an invisible equator, love.

Can we? Speak from our soul…let love flow from our lips.

Teach love. Maybe we will arrive at a place of being unconditional?

Give love. Maybe we will receive the same in return?

Live love. Maybe our life will be filled with less hate/judgment?

Will we lose interest in judging others? Will we forgo judging self?

Don’t be afraid to not know. “I don’t know ” is a very honest statement (hopefully the beginning of a lesson).

Imagine if we made each spoken word count making the blessings into a multiplication equation.

The journey through life can be filled with living love. Or one can be stuck surviving. It is our choice. Live wisely…


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