Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 22, 2012

Human Values

Human Values…

What do you value?

Is it life? Maybe it is love? Maybe it is something shiny? Does it make a beeping sound?

Is it religion? Are you predicting the end of days or celebrating the beauty of life?

Is it family? What are you teaching the young? Hate? Love? Compassion? Competition?

Is it His-story? Her-story? Or is it our story?

What do you think? Is it a curse or a blessing?

Is it depressing or uplifting? Maybe invigorating?

Are you selfless? Selfish? Maybe both?

Are we the custodians of Geb/Gaia? Or destroyers of Mother Nature?

Do you think we are all connected to the light? Or are we aimlessly traveling through space captivated with meaningless things?

Do you value paper? Do you wash your hands after?

Do you value art? Do you value music? Do you think yours is better than theirs?

Do you think we are beginning to understand after 12 million years or do we need 12 million more to learn to love our species?

Do you value you?


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