Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 24, 2012

Thank you

A year ago I was about to walk into the studio and record my first album. I was joined by friends and family in creating a beautiful project.

I am so thankful that the musicians took time to rehearse. When we got into the studio, we had no problems recording the music. Once “Queen Mary” was recorded, we all exhaled (I wished the Freedom’s Children poem made it but there is always next time).

“How will the jazz community take this album?”  My focus was cultural heritage but Caribbean rhythms and Afro-beat are not always embraced by some of the listeners who supported me over the years.

“Will we be able to record this album in one night?” We recorded all the songs in one night.  The schedule was tough but we had time to eat, listen and laugh.

In my writings and performances, I do my best to be clear with my intent. After recording the album, I was happy with the outcome and settled on the saying “you can’t please everyone.” Moving forward, I knew some would get the concept and others would just appreciate the music.

One year later, I’m happy with the people that I’ve met due to the music on the album. I’ve heard “this is a beautiful concept. You should turn this into a play for children and adults.” Elders have also given me their stamp of approval.  It has been an amazing experience and I’m still amazed that the dream became a reality.

Thank you…



  1. My dear brother,

    Thank you for believing in you, so that we could believe in we.

    Love, light and long listening,

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