Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | June 20, 2012



We weather the journey through life with balance.

I’ve witnessed the highs when gifts from strangers surprise even the most generous,
Contrast with bodies swelling in the trunk of a car undeservingly.

I’ve tasted nectar so sweet that the memory of her is forever implanted in my mind,
Compare with the stench of garbage from rotten bodies refusing to apply good hygiene.

I’ve enjoyed the symphony of sounds that heal,
Key change with the wretched noise that escapes a tortured cat.

I’ve fought for community,
Cautioned that the way is supporting cronies that live by greed gentrifying neighborhoods.

I’ve fathered children loving their little faces daily,
Cheerless that others did not see light.

I’ve learned from great minds,
Cornered when I watch intellect blind the healing process of loved ones.

I’ve loved passionately. I’ve lost hopelessly. I’ve lived in poverty. I’ve experienced luxury…

Can you believe this is all life?


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