Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | June 21, 2012

Bedtime stories

About seven years ago, I started reading bedtime stories. I wasn’t sure how long it would last. But their little faces have grown to understand the once foreign language escaping my lips.

First I started out with poetry. I found this children’s book that contained poems from the Caribbean. I had a ball reading Coconut Woman. In my thickest accent I would recite each poem and bask in their little smiles.

I probably read Green Eggs and Ham a million times. Before they could read, they had the story memorized. They enjoy when I go into character for The Lion and the Drum and Anansi and the Talking Melons.

Many nights we would stay up late making up stories about dinosaurs and flying super brothers saving the day with elephants dropping out of the sky. Their imaginations amazed me. The plots were silly but we videotaped many episodes where toy trains would leap off tracks and fly into the phone while little boys laughed hysterically.

Tonight before bedtime they started chanting “Read a book, Read a book, Read a book” and I could not help but smile that bedtime stories are a part of their normal routine. I’m thankful that I can be here to share this moment with them.


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