Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 3, 2012

The mind of a Rabbit

“I know everyone thinks I’m losing my mind, but I really want to stay sane,” replied the Rabbit.
“I understand Rabbit. I will take you to the most beautiful place on earth where your mind can be free to heal,” insisted the Turtle.

They traveled for days and met many great minds along the way. In Mexico they met a Spanish dancer.

“Hi., My dancing has been known to heal many people from all over the world.” (Spinning around in prime armadillo fashion speaking with a Mexican accent.) “You seem down Rabbit. Join my dance of love and hope! We armadillos know how to party. Breathe deep Rabbit. Exercise will heal you,” said the Armadillo with great enthusiasm.

Rabbit tried the dance for a few days but it only helped for a moment. Rabbit’s ills were deeper than what Armadillo could handle. Armadillo whispered in Turtle’s ear, “Rabbit needs help. How long has this been going on?”

When Turtle tried to answer, Rabbit interrupted “I’m fine! Let’s go Turtle. This Armadillo can’t help me…”

Rabbit and Turtle ventured to Brazil. The birds, the ocean and the weather seemed like the perfect place for healing. They met the Spider Monkey.

“I’m the mystical Leonardo of Lord.” (Speaking with a European accent swinging on the vines of the temple.) “Millions travel to see me. If you follow my advice, you will be free of this spiritual invasion!,” exclaimed the Spider Monkey.

While Brazilian Samba played in the background, Turtle asked Spider Monkey, “How can you help Rabbit?”

“There is a spirit trying to get from one place to the next. I will ask the spirit what it wants and urge it to move on,” replied Spider Monkey. The spider monkey continued, “I will do this for a fee.”

When Turtle turned, Rabbit was already paying the fee to receive the special healing. But when Spider Monkey hit the forbidden nerve, Brazil became a distant past.

Rabbit asked for ocean travels, so Turtle arranged for a trip to Ghana. Over the ocean, Rabbit meditated. Yoga and deep breathing was a part of the routine. Armadillo’s dance and Spider Monkey’s healing techniques were also incorporated.  The trip was pleasant except for frequent outbursts from Rabbit. Poor Rabbit was abusive to self and Turtle tried to help.

One night 30 miles from shore, Rabbit received a message. The message caused Rabbit to cancel all trips to healers of the world.

Armadillo and Spider Monkey both insisted that Rabbit needs help. If Rabbit had sought help in the beginning maybe carrots would be enough to heal sight but now Turtle was trying to reason in hopes that Rabbit was listening…

They came ashore and Turtle rushed Rabbit to the master healer, Lioness of Ghana.

“Lioness, Lioness, Lioness, Rabbit needs help and is not listening to anyone!” cried Turtle…

Sensing Turtle’s anguish, Lioness spoke directly to Rabbit. “Rabbit, can you hear me?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes…” said Rabbit.

(Continuing in a voice ripe with the legacy of the motherland.) “Rabbit, this is very serious. Do you understand?” asked Lioness.

“Yes, Yes, Yes…” replied Rabbit (laughing uncontrollably).

“I know you’ve been running from medicine Rabbit, but you have a chemical imbalance. If you took actions immediately in the beginning and did the work required, you would have healed using the path you prefer but now…” Speaking in native tongue, Rabbit interrupted Lioness “I ain’t takin’ no Babylon drugs!”

“Rabbit, I am a Lioness! I speak truth from the ancestors. You need emergency intervention. The great Lioness has given us knowledge to heal. I will make sure that the least invasive medicine is used. Please Rabbit, we want this to be your choice. Take this and I will set up the meeting with my elders so you can get the guidance you need.”

Turtle and Lioness waited on Rabbit’s response. The Turtle was wise but knew this was not like their races to see who was faster. (thinking) This was a matter of Rabbit’s future…

Rabbit inhaled and replied, “I am a wise Rabbit and I refuse your help! It is Turtle’s fault I feel like this…”

To be continued…


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