Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 8, 2012

What Happened to this Planet?

“What happened to this planet?” said the small being.

“They destroyed it,” replied the Supreme Being.

“Why?” urged the small one.

“In the beginning, the inhabitants were given the knowledge to create. Their abilities to see clearly grew with each passing century. They learned about the powerful force, love. They cultivated it daily. But as they advanced in technology, they lost their magic. They became divided on ideals that suffocated hope. Their religions started out as love but became billboards to gain shallow riches. They mutilated faith with hate and despair. Communities became nations who fought unending wars over nothing important. All that was left? A desolate place where life could not prosper,” said the Supreme Being.

“Why didn’t you interfere?” inquired the small one.

“Free will…” smiled the Supreme Being.

“What can we do now?” asked the small being.

“Love unconditionally,” said the Supreme Being as earth was being molded.

“Life began with a breath. This earth is made up of past living things. Their pure essence will give birth to something new. Let us start the process and give life a chance to evolve. Let us place examples to guide life. The truth will be in the roots that extend to the light. All the organisms will know harmony and the cycle will begin,” proclaimed the Supreme Being.

The small being watched as the miracle of life unfolded. What seemed like hundreds of years to the life on the planet were only moments to these great beings. The Supreme Being sparked the rebirth.

“Are you worried about life repeating itself?” asked the small being.

“No!” replied the Supreme Being then continued, “Life must go on. They will live, learn and love.”


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