Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 12, 2012

The mind of a Rabbit – Part Two

Rabbits are slick…

“Rabbit, if you have anymore issues we will not go easy on you next time,” said the head Lion.

“Yes, Yes, Yes,” laughed Rabbit with a painfully pathetic smile betraying the turmoil inside.

(Rabbit leaves Africa heading for North America. The healing process arranged by family members is now on hold. Back in North America, the news spreads fast.)

Turtle was sitting in the shade at the big oak tree thinking about Rabbit. The blues of the trees soothed Turtle’s soul. Mouse scurried over to Turtle, nervously nibbling on its little paws playing them like fiddles. The music of despair carried the tiny brown mouse to the big oak tree.

“Turtle, did you hear? Rabbit told the council of lions that medication is not an option. After the council heard all the evidence about the self-mutilation, delusions and chemical imbalance, they set Rabbit free on a technicality,” said Mouse.

“Free? Are you serious? Why? Free to walk in front of wild buffalos to be trampled? Free to continue inflicting bodily harm? Why Mouse? Why?” asked Turtle.

Mouse and Turtle have been friends for years. Mouse is aware of Rabbit’s illness and was hoping Rabbit would receive treatment at the compound in Ghana. The atmosphere seemed perfect for healing. Located near the watering hole, many animals seek refuge from life’s trauma at the compound. Mouse also knows the Lioness and received warning that Rabbit was on the way back. As Mouse explained the events to Turtle, mama Rabbit hops by the big oak tree.

“Fox came by the hole looking for Rabbit,” said mama Rabbit. “Mouse, do you know Fox?” continued mama Rabbit. “I know Fox wants to eat Rabbit but Rabbit can’t protect self now. Fox is not from our woods.  Would a real Fox from these parts treat another creature they love(d) this way?” asked mama Rabbit.

Turtle did not answer mama Rabbit right away. (Consumed with pain and anger Turtle almost leaps out its shell.) “Mouse, how could this happen? I thought everything was set?” asked Turtle.

“Turtle! Listen! Armadillo, Spider monkey and the Lioness tried to explain to the council but they have rules! Their hands are tied until Rabbit displays serious problems in public,” said Mouse.

“Serious problems? (shaking head in disbelief) If Rabbit had a gun pointed at its head…” said Turtle. Mouse interrupted “I know, Turtle. I know. But let us not think that way. This is the environment we live in. Many don’t understand the serious nature of what is happening to Rabbit.”

“What happened to my Rabbit?” asked mama Rabbit (sobbing). “Why is my little Rabbit acting this way? Rabbit once listened to me but now I am a stranger to a bunny I birthed. How can a loving mother be a stranger?” asked mama Rabbit.

“Mama Rabbit, we have to be strong…” said Turtle.

“I have to wash my hands,” said mama Rabbit. “It is hard watching your own inflict pain and suffering,” continued mama Rabbit.

“We all want to wash our hands because this is difficult. Rabbit can pretend to be well when faced with opposition but refuses to use the same tenacity to follow through with treatment.  I wish, wish, WISH Rabbit would take that same approach with healing. (Turtle pauses briefly to conjure up a plan.) This is only the beginning. We will set traps for Rabbit to ensure the truth is revealed to the council of Lions BUT Rabbit has Possums that don’t understand the serious nature of Rabbit’s sickness,” urged Turtle with great frustration.

(As soon as Rabbit arrives in North America, the plotting to contact Fox begins. Rabbit lived in the woods surrounded by fresh water. The trees were hollow but one large oak tree marked the center of Rabbit’s memories as a bunny. The little bunnies and neighborhood Rabbits watch puzzled as Rabbit hops past the big oak tree laughing uncontrollably to self. Rabbit, oblivious to the strange looks of concern, fur matted from lack of care, hops hysterically straight to Possum’s house. Possum lived five holes away from Rabbit’s childhood nest. Possum is happy, not knowing Rabbit is only there to contact Fox about meeting.)

Rabbit calls Fox on the telephone. “I know you love me. Everyone does not understand but WE are meant for each other. This is just rabid poisoning.” (laughter followed by a high pitched squeak) “No, no, no I mean rabbit poisoning I have from eating a bad carrot. Let us make some Foxbits!” exclaimed Rabbit.

“Rabbit, there is no WE! Warning: Come close and I will devour you,” screamed Fox grinning. Fox’s eyes were almost closed. Fox really loved mushrooms. The aroma inspired Fox’s sleepy nature and delusions of grandeur. Truthfully, Fox is really a rabbit pretending to be a fox… The one sided conversation continued for a brief moment then Fox hung up, leaving Rabbit talking to self.

(Possum, grey in color, followed by its long tail looking like an oversized rat, walks into the room where Rabbit is speaking to Fox. Possum’s home was a hollow tree but Possum failed to hear Rabbit’s conversation.)

“Rabbit, I’m so happy you came over,” said Possum. “I know these cabbages can heal you. Turtle, Mama and Papa Rabbit, Armadillo, Spider Monkey, Lioness and Mouse don’t understand you like I do. I know if you help little rabbits…” continued Possum. But Rabbit interrupted, “I look forward to our Foxbits! Isn’t Fox beautiful?” asked Rabbit rhetorically. “Fox say hi to Possum,” said Rabbit to an imaginary Fox.

“Rabbit, I don’t see Fox,” cautioned Possum. “What do you mean Possum? Fox is right here loving me unconditionally,” said Rabbit.

Possum looks confused and begins to see what Turtle is talking about. Rabbit notices Possum’s concern, begins scratching profusely (but there is no itch) then says, “I need to take a hop. You Possums can play dead.”

To be continued…


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