Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 25, 2012

The mind of a Rabbit – Part Three

Rabbits can hop…

Early in the morning a herd of buffalo came out of nowhere. Their hooves hit the earth, creating a symphony of sound that rivaled the shock of thunder. Rabbit staggering in the middle of the path, oblivious of the vibrating ground. They quickly approach and before Rabbit is trampled, one Buffalo says “Rabbit, is that you?”

Buffalo is stunned by Rabbit’s condition. Buffalo listens as Rabbit creates a fable that would amaze the greatest storyteller.

“Fox just left me. Fox does not want Foxbits. I’m hurt,” cried Rabbit. Buffalo, moved by Rabbit’s story, decides to help immediately. In Buffalo’s haste the idea of notifying Rabbit’s family was not a thought.  (Buffalo had no idea that Rabbit was sick but felt Rabbit was troubled.)

Buffalo receives counsel from some of the Possums but they fail to reveal details.

Mouse and Turtle hear that Rabbit is with Buffalo and quickly make contact. They are relieved because Rabbit disappeared a few days ago.

“Why was Rabbit’s location not communicated immediately?” asked Turtle.

“I don’t know. But something is not right,” replied Mouse.

Turtle is worried. Mouse is concerned. Both are thinking “who is this Buffalo?”

Mouse and Turtle arrived at Buffalo’s place. Buffalo lives near the water and they can hear the stream flowing. A sense of calm surrounds them. They notice Rabbit and motion for Buffalo’s attention (who is relaxing on the grassy plain).

“Hi, I’m Mouse and this is Turtle. First, we want to thank you. Rabbit has been hopping from one animal family to the next. Each time, we have to explain to the new animal what Rabbit is dealing with. We are hopeful that Rabbit will heal but it makes it hard when others don’t understand what is going on.” Noticing Buffalo’s confusion, Mouse asks, “What do you know?”

Buffalo tells a story that sounds familiar.  As Mouse and Turtle listen to the information, they become aware of Buffalo’s mis-education.

“Buffalo, we know you are new to this but we feel that it is important for you to understand what Rabbit is facing” said Mouse. “Rabbit is sick!” exclaims Turtle.

Buffalo seems to understand then responds, “I feel Rabbit needs some home grown Buffalo hospitality. If Rabbit receives this, I feel Rabbit will be fine.”

“Buffalo,” (Mouse inhales and takes a long pause) “Rabbit has been to the Spider Monkey, the great Armadillo, the Lioness of Ghana and reviewed by the council of the lions. This is a serious situation. I know your heart is in the right place but be careful,” insists Mouse.

“I am a Buffalo. I understand but I feel what is best for Rabbit is…” as Buffalo continues talking, Mouse cannot believe its ears. Turtle looks at Mouse with a feeling of disgust at what is being said. Turtle becomes infuriated with yet another animal interfering with Rabbit’s healing process. Mouse exhales and continues listening. Buffalo continues “we’ve taken Rabbit to the marshlands, fresh water swimming and energizing willow trees. Rabbit is smiling and not suffering from melt downs,” urges Buffalo.

But as Mouse and Rabbit listen, Buffalo starts revealing that Rabbit has in fact had many episodes of sleepless nights, meltdowns and outbursts. Buffalo continues (Buffalo’s actions intended to help are hindering Rabbit’s progress), “My way of life will heal…” Turtle interrupts, “listen Buffalo (contemplating if Buffalo’s ego is as exaggerated as its body), if Rabbit has any meltdowns, please contact papa Rabbit immediately!” Buffalo agrees then walks away and begins grazing on the grass.

“Mouse, do you think Possum is the source of Buffalo’s misinformation?” asked Turtle.
“I have a funny feeling,” replies Mouse (Mouse shakes head in disbelief).

Turtle watches Buffalo retreat wondering if anything made it through Buffalo’s thick…

The sun was beginning to set. The descending colors accenting Rabbit’s mood change.

Rabbit leaps up from the grassy plain, sniffs, scratches uncontrollably then begins having a serious melt down. Rabbit frantically hops over to Turtle, “They are trying to kill me! Please tell cousin Rabbit, mama Rabbit, papa Rabbit and sister Rabbit to leave me alone before I die!” commands Rabbit.

After Rabbit finishes, Turtle whispers to Mouse and says, “Mouse, run to fetch papa Rabbit! Rabbit’s meltdown is just the evidence the council of the lions needed for us to get Rabbit real help now.” Mouse hustles on its tiny paws to the rabbit hole. Mouse explains the events. Papa Rabbit makes preparation then hops quickly over to Buffalo. Papa Rabbit passes the big oak tree and remembers Rabbit as a young bunny. Anxious to follow the advice of the health experts, papa Rabbit arrives and asks Buffalo, “Is everything ok?”

Buffalo replies with no expertise, “Rabbit is fine. Rabbit just had a mild melt down…”

To be continued…


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