Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | October 31, 2012

Promiscuous or Liberated

*Warning: What you are about to read may trigger strong emotional response if you have been the victim of sexual abuse or assault*

The story starts with a little child…

Cute and new to the world, this baby was filled with love and wonder. Years later, a sick person entered the picture. The young child was molested. The sad part? The child was not able to fully articulate the pain or psychological scar. Did the parents react? They probably didn’t know what happened.

The child, left confused, continued to develop. Fighting off family members and family friends who were predators seeking to sample the nectar of the child’s innocence, the child found self in a position of compromise. Still young, they reached out to trusted loved ones. The child said “I was touched in my private area many times by a family member/family friend.” The loved ones’ response? Nothing! They believed the family friend over the young child. The devastated child continued to grow and mature.

The opposite sex going through puberty noticed the little child’s maturing body. The child found someone they liked and was pressured to have sex. Rape masked as love was used for submission. “Baby if you loved me, you would do this…”

Sex became therapy. As a teenager, every new ‘like’ was granted access to the sacred space. Every new partner took away a piece of the teenager’s soul.

Time passed. Wounds were deep. Healing was nowhere in sight. The child grew into an adult. As a brilliant grown being, they intellectualized their ability to use sex to satisfy a need. “We (various partners) both entered the picture knowing what we wanted” was what a close friend was told. “I’m in control. I know what I’m doing” said the grown being to another. Mutual objectifying continued…

Relationships were short lived or filled with unwanted activity. Loyalty was a far fetched reality. Releasing was appreciated. A warm body of a familiar face was sometimes used for comfort. The grown being’s body became a revolving door. The revolving door seemed to close in times of love…


Now we are at the end of the story. Replace the child with the image of a female and then a male. What are your thoughts?

Promiscuous, liberated or simply nothing at all because the individual was robbed of the ability to understand the sublime joy of sex because it is associated with deep pain, shame, and sadness…



  1. Wondering how many of us are she/he… hiding behind beautiful smiles and voraciously unnatural superhuman behaviors… or uncontrollably ever hungering for the mute reality of creating continually distracting experiences.

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