Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 22, 2012

The Personal Story Behind The LOVE Album

Many are aware of my love for community. I’ve written about it frequently ( ). In February, my youngest sister (who is also passionate about community) got real sick. I’ve written a few short stories (The Mind of a Rabbit short stories) documenting her journey. Her trials have been hard for her and hard for me watching. I continued trying to help (therapy, healers, family, friends), but I feel the best way to reach her is through song.

There are many layers to the new music I’m getting ready to record. The first layer is inspiring community. But when my sister got sick, the music took on new meaning. The personal story behind the Love Album is a prayer.

Each song is speaking directly to her. Before her condition intensified, I took her to many of my performances. She sat there and experienced the music from a new perspective. She said it was healing…

I remember when she was born. I rocked her to sleep when she was a baby and I watched her grow into a woman. Anything she put her mind to she could do. She was a great flute player. She was a great engineer. She was a great activist. Now her mind is in a battle and her spirit is suffering.

I know music heals. When I began writing the songs and poetry, they came from divine inspiration not experimentation. Doing this new project is bittersweet. My sister was one of my main cheerleaders when I was recording the last album. As soon as she heard, she began creating fliers, taking out ads in the local newspaper and sending out emails. She was there through all the stages of creation.

After my last album was recorded, I began noticing a change in her. The distance made it hard to pinpoint what was going on. And now… Well, it is difficult.

Help me give a gift to humanity and create a musical prayer for my sister…


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