Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 5, 2013

My 37th birthday wish

Three years ago I began a tradition of reflecting and making a wish around my birthday.

This year I’m completing my 37th trip around the sun. It’s been an amazing ride. 20 years ago I was turning 17. I was excited about the road ahead and what it meant to leave St. Thomas, USVI. Today I’m excited about living, loving and learning daily.

There are moments where quiet streams flow and others where volcanoes erupt.

On my 34th birthday, I had 34 wishes for humanity. On my 35th birthday, I was excited about recording my debut album. On my 36th birthday, I worked on getting 36 new listeners. This year, I have seven wishes…

I wish for love. Love (divine, self and community) that inspires and does not judge.

I wish for hope. Hope for humanity.

I wish for faith. Let go and trust that God will reveal the path.

I wish for determination. Never give up on the dream.

I wish for beauty. See love in you, me and every living being.

I wish for peace. Pray, meditate and experience inner peace.

I wish for respect. Respect for self, family, friends and community.

With these seven wishes, I embark on a new chapter. I’m not sure what the road ahead holds, but with love and humility I trust that I will do my best to diminish my ego and allow growth.

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  1. It’s my birthday too! Congratulations!

    • Thank you but my birthday is on January 27th

      • Ooh haha 🙂 Misunderstood

    • Happy Birthday!

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