Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 24, 2013

Why Love?

Crowd funding is not a new concept. Artists throughout time have used the method to present new works. The beautiful thing about kickstarter is with any campaign you provide rewards for supporters. Unlike other campaigns, you get a physical reward based on your contribution.

Some of my favorite artists had patrons that contributed large sums of money to ensure the individual/group had the resources to create. The problem at times was these patrons would try to control what was written, said or performed.

With my kickstarter campaign, I’m presenting the concept behind the Love album. It is simple, beautiful and thoughtful. The entire album is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit.

There are seven songs on this album. Each song is based on a principle of life. My hope is that these seven songs will give you seven reasons to make a pledge.

Beauty was written to create ripples in the imagination. The depth of beauty and its complexities are being explored. The rhythm, melody and harmony create colors that are reminiscent of the feeling the soul experiences when faced with beauty.

Determination was written to articulate the journey. Imagine having a goal. Faced with obstacles, some might lose hope. With Determination, we can succeed.

Faith was written to explore our spiritual loyalty. Faith is the unseen hand guiding us on a path to believe in tomorrow. In life, I think it is very important to have faith.

Hope was written to evoke desire. Hope inspires goals. In my humble opinion, hope is an important building block of the human spirit. Hope is an eternal engine, a driving force that pushes us forward.

Love was written to explore the different forms of love throughout time…Divine, self, family and community love. Love encompasses all of the concepts on the album.

Peace… In the search for peace, we sometimes focus on the external when real peace begins within.

Respect… We should honor self and others. We should honor life and love. We are all created with a certain inner quality that can be nurtured with love.

Help me make this album a reality. A small pledge can go a long way. With music, poetry and artistry, I believe this album will inspire and heal a spirit with love.

Thank you!

Click on this link to make a pledge:


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