Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | February 18, 2013

Thank you! Love found a way…

In January of 2012, I began composing songs based on concepts that inspire the human spirit. Songs like love, hope and faith came to life. A few months later, I learned that my youngest sister was going through the struggle of her life. One I could not physically help her with. In that moment, I felt compelled to record the Love album.

I wasn’t sure when or how the album would be recorded. In July of 2012, I reached out to the musicians and asked them if they could help me bring the music to life. They agreed and we started rehearsing. The music took shape.

Then we began presenting the music to the public. On the 1 year anniversary of Freedom’s Children: The Celebration, we shared songs from the Love album. Every gig from that moment on, became an opportunity to season the music.

We initially planned to record in December, but conflicts delayed the recording date.

As we were presenting the music, I simultaneously began reaching out to supporters asking them if they would support the Love album on kickstarter. They said yes! On December 21, 2012, the kickstarter campaign went live and pledges started rolling in. Within hours, the campaign had the makings of success.

Folks made pledges and shared links with friends and family. Social media was a huge asset in this campaign. I used email, text messages, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Facebook to spread the word about the campaign. Facebook provided the greatest return. I personally sent individual messages to many later in the campaign and they responded with love and pledges.

Two months later, we exceeded our goal and raised 120% of the funds. Many of the supporters have not heard the new music. They have faith, hope and confidence that we will create something beautiful.

The response has been amazing. I am forever grateful. So many people want to see this album become a reality. On February 23, 2013, with the blessing of the community (family, friends and supporters) we will record the Love album.

I sincerely appreciate each of you for believing in the concept, the music and most importantly love.

Thank you:


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