Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 19, 2013

Have horn…Will play

Have horn…Will play

So, guess what? I play the trombone. I’ve played to packed houses, empty rooms, public events and private parties. I’ve enjoyed a consistent musical growth but not always financial rewards. I’ve worked with great musicians from different parts of this planet. I must say, I’m happy with what I do.

Excuse me? I make a living from this piece of brass. When you come out to a show and/or purchase a CD I pay bills and support a family. Isn’t that amazing?

Finally after 25 years of playing music, my family says “ah, you work as a musician.” My family loves me. They just don’t want to see me suffer. They hear the horror stories of failed careers, backstabbing and a crabs-in-a-barrel mentality that concern them. I reassure them it is not all bad. The “why anyone would choose this path as a career” look in their eyes slowly disappeared over the years.

Some might ask “Have you suffered?” I’ve paid painful dues and I still continue to navigate this world of music trying not to lose my sense of reality. The beauty comes from seeing the fruit of my labor.

I like touring but I really love reading bedtime stories to my kids. I try to go on mini tours when I can.

I have a horn and I’m ready to play. What has kept me working? I don’t discriminate. Why? I love good music. I love playing Calypso, Reggae, Gospel, what is known as Jazz/American classical music/Black American Music, Salsa/Latin, Funk, Brazilian, European classical music, Afro-beat and the list goes on.

Maybe you will hire me? Maybe you will buy a CD? However we connect, the music will reach you and it will be beautiful.

Have horn…Will play


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