Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | March 30, 2013

Promote Love

Love album cover artGuess what? I’m not Wynton Marsalis or Justin Timberlake. I’m an independent artist. What does that mean? Well, I don’t have a team of folks to push my new album. But I have you…

What can you do??? You can help me spread the word about the new album. We will do it together. Some of you might be tired of hearing this message. I ask you to be patient with me. While my dedicated supporters probably pay attention, there are so many more people that have not heard about the album or even care.

I think with this album there is a deeper message. Love is an action word. Imagine if we inspire more people to love self, family and community?

As an artist, I feel that I’m responsible for uplifting listeners with positive energy. I feel the music and poetry on the Love album has the ability to heal.

But it doesn’t matter what I feel if the message sits on my computer with good intentions. I’m not an island and I can’t do this by myself.

If you believe in the power of love, share the links about the love album. If you believe in the concept behind this album, tell a friend about the music.

Music is the healing force of the universe. Together we can create a buzz that fosters determination, respect, beauty, peace, hope, faith and love.

Share this message using email, social media, texting, etc.

If you are on facebook, join this event:


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