Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 2, 2013

Love Album Presale

Love album cover art

Click to PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! Only $15 (includes shipping)!!! Why? I will give you five reasons.

1. I’m an independent artist. I don’t have a massive corporate structure promoting the Love album. My goal is to get the album into the hands of listeners like you. Pre-order the Love album today, and receive your autographed copy on or around the release date (international orders please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery).

2. The music and poetry on this album is meant to uplift and inspire the listener. 90 people have pre-ordered their copy of the Love album. You can be one of the few to get an advance copy of this labor of love.

3. The Love album is a series of tone poems that expand in the imagination with each listen. The album features the gifts of Allyn Johnson (piano), Amin Gumbs (drums), Christie Dashiell (vocals), Heidi Martin (vocals/poet), Victor Provost (steel pan), Lasana Mack (poet), Herman Burney (bass), Todd Marcus (bass clarinet) and Tosin Aribisala (percussion).

4. Community dollars. Presales help pay for musicians when venues can’t afford the full group, promotional expenses and shipping cost.

5. You love the concept behind the music. You love the artwork. You feel love is the most powerful force on earth.


Here is the track list:

Track 1. Love (poem w/accompaniment) … listen
Track 2. Beauty
Track 3. Faith … listen
Track 4. Hope
Track 5. Love
Track 6. Determination
Track 7. Peace
Track 8. Gift of You (poem w/accompaniment)
Track 9. Respect
Track 10. Hope (poem w/accompaniment)
Track 11. Love (outro)


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