Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 5, 2013

What Can $15 Buy?

What can $15 buy? If I go to Giant with $15, I can get rice, almond milk and tofu/chicken/turkey. For $15, I can get two Amy’s veggie pizzas for pizza night.

I can no longer fill up a gas tank with $15. With $15, I can pay for parking on U St or buy a smart trip card and ride the metro train round trip, right? Not during rush hour…

Some folks make $15 on one gig. $15 can’t buy me a trombone mouth piece. Unless I’m performing, I cannot get into a concert on the weekend for $15 but my plate of food at the club might be $15 (not counting the two drink minimum).

I know $15 used to pay for a movie for two. Now $15 barely covers one (if you bring your own snacks in a backpack).

When I go to the toy section and ask my kids to pick out a medium to small toy, $15 might be the price of a tiny Ninjago set (they will stop playing with it in 8 months). But I’m thankful Hotwheels are still less than $1 (not counting the special addition cars which can be $4).

Prices are surely going up. But the cost of music is declining.

$15 can disappear fast in our economy. If you pre-order my new CD, $15 might last an eternity.



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