Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 7, 2013



We are three months away from the release of the Love album. Supporters are asking “What can I do?”
Many of you have done so much. I truly appreciate your love and support.

Here are 3 things we can do together to make the Love album release a success:

1)      FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Tell friends about the concept behind the album. What is it? The Love album was created to inspire the human spirit. 7 inspirations and 11 tracks (7/11). Faith, Love, Hope, Respect, Determination, Peace and Beauty

2)      SOCIAL NETWORKING: Share the sample tracks with your network. There are two samples on Sound Cloud. Click the link and share. Love Poem and Faith

3)      CREATE EARLY SALES: Encourage friends to PRE-ORDER the Love album using paypal ($15 includes shipping).

There are supporters on every continent. Tell a friend, share the links and pre-order. Together we can get the word out.

Album Art

Love album cover art


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