Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 7, 2013

Why should we pay to enjoy the song?

So someone asked me, “Why should we pay to enjoy the song?” I smiled and meditated on the question for a moment.

Let me see if I can answer that question with love… First, music is my career. I love playing music but I have to sustain a family with the money I make from music.

When you work, do you expect to be compensated? If your answer is yes, then there is no need to continue this post. But I will entertain the question.

After composing a song, I have to copyright the music. This costs money. Then the song must be rehearsed and performed frequently. This costs money.

After seasoning the song over a period of time, the song is recorded. I have to pay the performers to record. I have to pay for studio time. Then after the recording is finished, I have to pay to mix and master.

But it doesn’t end there. I have to pay the artist to design the artwork. I have to pay the CD duplication/distribution company to print/distribute CDs and MP3s.

The process is not over yet. I have to pay to promote the music so listeners hear about the song/album. Guess what? Advertising never ends…

The internet is great for sending files to different parts of the world but many places still want a hard copy. So, it costs money to mail the CDs to different radio stations.

The amount of work that goes into one song is beautiful and costly. I sometimes don’t reap financial rewards as an independent artist. With all the financial investments, I find ways to save money.

When I recorded my first album, I made full length tracks available for listeners to enjoy before the release date. Many listened, shared, enjoyed and did not purchase the album when it was released. I didn’t mind because I was building a network. I got email addresses in return.

Now, I am only making samples available. If you like the song, you can pre-order the album or wait for the release.

The amount of money that goes into creating an album is a lot. Even with help from my community, the process is very expensive.

The cost of everything else is going up but the cost of music is diminishing. I don’t think a small investment on the listener’s part is too much to ask for.

Thank you for your support and I hope I answered your question.


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