Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 21, 2013

Social media for musicians…

In my inbox, I receive inquiries about social media frequently.  There are many how-to guides on the web. I will try to summarize what I’ve learned.

As a musician, my goals are practicing, performing and inspiring. But how is that possible without folks to listen to the music?

When I first began using social media, I interacted with power users. One of the main things I learned was the importance of sharing.

In 2008, I learned that more folks were using social media to engage. I experimented in 2009 and learned that more people responded to information posted on my social networks than on my personal website.

How do I engage?  Look and read…

I look at trends… What are people responding to? What grabs folks’ attention? Why? When we walk into a community, we must learn the social norms.  Social media has changed over the years and I try to see how to communicate effectively as it grows.

How do I get folks to respond? Sharing…

I share what folks are posting. I can’t expect people to repost or retweet something if I am not doing the same. I try to remember this is called “social media” not “me media”. The object is to be social. In my case, I’m social with a purpose.

What about gigs?

Post less about gigs. If people are excited about the things you post, concepts you express and your overall online presence, they might be excited about the music you perform. The idea is to give. Reciprocity will happen…

Get people excited…

Different artists are creating their own style of how to benefit from social media. Some are effective and others are not. Be genuine.  Find creative ways to get folks excited about your music. Don’t just post gigs. Make people feel like they are a part of the process. Ask questions about music, concept, etc.

What to post?

Pictures are powerful. Short messages are also effective. Many users are on mobile phones. Make it easy for them to respond. They might be scrolling through messages on their device. If your picture/message does not grab them right away, they will not respond. Remember to connect with people not just musicians.

Cross promote…

We can do more together.  Promote events (poetry, music, art shows, dance, etc.) that you are not a part of. Social media is not like your personal mailing list. Please share and promote. The outcome benefits everyone…


Learn from power users. Learn about what types of pictures are best to post, how to be effective in 140 characters or less, etc. The goal is to engage. We can always learn how to be better citizens in the online community.



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