Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 21, 2013

Why I support local artists?

It is simple. The local music community. But I will go into more details.

Local artists nurture the scene on a day to day basis. They teach, perform and uplift upcoming performers in the community.

When new establishments open up or new festivals begin, they seek the help of the local artists to help them get established. The local artists alert their mailing lists of the new venue and word quickly gets around. Unfortunately, after the local artists help the organization build their reputation they are often not given the same respect. As if to say, “thank you for getting me started but I don’t need your help now.”

Local artists are like the creative life flowing through any given city. Many of these great musicians have worked with performers from all over the world. They decided to settle in a city to raise a family or take care of family. Their names should be given the respect they deserve/earned.

When I travel, I always want to sit in with local artists and eat local food. I learn a lot about the culture. As I listen to stories or share the bandstand with new musicians, I remember my start in music was nurtured by my local music community.

When national touring acts come to town, I know their shows will probably sell out. If a local performer is working the same night, I will most likely support the local performer. Now I’m not saying that I don’t support national touring acts. I just choose to invest in the local music community more often.

As a musician, I feel it is important to support the music scene. I remember my first gig as a bandleader. I felt honored to see local performers supporting me.


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