Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 25, 2013

How can I reach you with one message?

I awoke with a thought: How can I reach you with one message?

In an age where everything is instant, you never know what will make it through the noise. When I first started using social media, it was great. You could post something and everyone on your list would see it. This worked for learning and sharing.

Now with so many people posting about everything, the likelihood of a message being seen is low. I’ve focused on engagement and sincerity but that doesn’t guarantee that a message will be read.

Here is the message: I want us to love self, family and community.

That seems simple right!? Of course! But so many of us struggle with this simple message. If this message was ingrained our psyche, many companies would not exist.

What if I could use music to encourage love? Well, that is the purpose of the love album.

Do I want you to buy the album? That would be fabulous! If you just read the track titles, I want you to be inspired.

The tracks on the album are based on seven concepts that were passed on to me by an elder. Regardless of daily challenges, these concepts have guided me. I was told to have faith, be hopeful, love (divine, self, family and community), respect self/others, be determined, be at peace and enjoy the beauty of life.

These seven concepts can be wrapped up into one word, Love. My goal is to love and inspire love.

I hope that this one message reaches you. I hope the melodies capture your imagination.

Together we can choose love…


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