Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 29, 2013

No stress, No worries…This is the summer of love

“When you have something really good, you don’t have to force it on people”

I think after months of planning, rehearsing and fundraising, the Love album is something you and I can be proud of.

I trust that our hard work will be appreciated. Tracks from the Love album have been shared with a small group of individuals. Everyone had great reviews. I’m thankful.

I will be doing a series of radio interviews. This will provide exposure for the album but I will need your assistance getting the word out.

My network is about 6,000 people. Let’s say 10 % actually respond to emails, blogs or social media. That leaves 600 people. Of that 600, only a small percentage will take action. So we are looking at about 100 people spreading the word about the Love album.

If you are one of the mighty 100, can you share the music with someone?

No stress, No Worries… This is the summer of love. Together we will have a wonderful time sharing the message of love with many.

Look for the Love album on iTunes June 13, 2013…


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