Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 30, 2013

Let’s talk about the Butt aka da Bootay…

I grew up in a culture where a woman’s butt was celebrated. Many males and females frowned when a woman did not have a round behind (barna, baxside, baana).

On my social media timeline, I see pictures of ladies displaying side view images of their rear end. Their male friends respond with “compliments…”

There is a huge difference between complimentary words and objectification. It seems that around the world, there is a common view that it is ok to degrade a woman to a sexual object.

Picture this: A shapely woman walking through a crowd of people at the club to the dance floor. On her way there, what do you think will happen? Yes, she will probably be sexually assaulted.

Beyoncé was on stage recently and a fan felt comfortable enough to do the same. Sara Baartman was also degraded continuously until long after her untimely death.

Now some might argue that some women ask for the unwanted attention. I am pretty sure that no woman wants to be sexually assaulted.

I have an appreciation for a woman’s shapely figure but I don’t feel the butt is a beauty indicator. Nor do I feel any woman should get a butt implant to be more attractive.

The mind of a brilliant woman far outweighs the roundness of her butt. Sensuality, in my opinion, starts within.


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