Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | June 8, 2013

Home is where I belong

I left pursuing education
and stayed away
developing a career.

I had dreams of success
hypnotized by cold tall buildings
now missing warm hellos from familiar faces.

I remember longing for opportunities
that seemed out of reach
on an island in the sea.

After tasting the nectar
of distant places,
I need to return to the beach.

I left searching.
I made great discoveries.
Now, my parents are aging.
Their grandchildren are growing.
We travel
but it is hard bridging bonds
over the deep blue.

When I’m home,
some things are familiar
and at times I feel like a stranger.
So much has changed.

I’m tempted to complain.
But to be true to culture
is to nurture.

To be honest,
I enjoy big cities
especially my musical options.

But, I miss home…
Home is where I belong.



  1. Agreed. Been tempted. Still being pushed away (economics & lack of appreciation)… yet still not wanting to leave, knowing I’ll want to return. Opportunities are abundant elsewhere, but home is within the shores of the ocean’s comforting and healing arms… within the shade of the understanding hills and the crevices of the supportive valleys.

    Bahn here. Home Grown: Internationally Known… for as long as I can survive it.
    in solidarity my brother Reginald Cyntje,

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