Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 9, 2013

48 hours…

At this point, I’m checking to see if there is anything I forgot to do. This has been a long process. Some of you have been a part of the process since January 2012.

In April of 2012, Willard Jenkins asked me in an interview for Open Sky Jazz “What have you got planned for your next release?” I respondedFor the next album, I want to record songs that inspire the listener to be their best self. Focusing on self-awareness and self-respect, I want the title of the album to be “Love” and have each song elaborate on the principles of love. I feel that it is the responsibility of the artist to inspire the listener. I want to save lives with music.”

Fast forward to the present… The Love album is now a reality. From early reports it seems like the purpose of the album has been fulfilled. In 48 hours, I will have a better idea.

Did we (the musicians and I) reach you with the music? Did we inspire you? Did each song expand in your imagination with each listen?

My hope is that you will listen to each track and your experience exceeds my intention. If that happens, that will be wonderful.

This album took a lot out of me to create. It is very personal. I reflect on all the challenges. A few days before recording, I was in the hospital unsure if I would be able to record.

Today I give thanks that the dream became a reality. Love is a powerful force. The spirit of love inspired us to create this music for you.

Share your thoughts about the album on Facebook and Twitter. Use the hashtags #lovealbum2013. Take pictures of the CD and share it on instagram.

We can do more together. I believe in love.
48 hours…



  1. Humbled and Hapi to know that LOVE is in the air and shall always prevail. Giving ThAnkhs for your self-determination and purpose my brother…. BUMAYE! 😉

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