Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 14, 2013

A letter to my children…

I’m sorry that you are growing up in a world that prejudges you. I’m sorry that you have to cope with a system that assumes that you will fail. I’m sorry that most schools (independent and public) are designed to define your presumed lack of capability.

I know that you have to worry about systematic racism that includes walking while black, driving while black and achieving while black.

I promise to fight for you every day. I promise to fight for our community every day. I promise to teach you the truth and still teach you to love.

See, there has been a campaign to paint a negative picture of you worldwide. Racism is profitable. As long as I can breathe, I will combat the negativity with truth. Powerful truth that stems from a strong and positive history.

You are a human being first. Sadly, many see you as a social construct they feel should be in a box or playing sports for their school…

I have managed to know the history of our ancestors and not hate. Hate is woven into the fabric of many societies. The society you live in will try to teach you to hate yourself. That will not happen! Self-love and self-respect is part of your daily lesson.

One day you will be angry. You will learn constructive ways to combat the atrocities that still benefit certain communities. You will learn why there is a liquor store on every corner in some neighborhoods. You will learn about gentrification. You will learn why it all exists and you will rise.

You have to be strong. There is a long road ahead to justice. Racism and its tentacles have spread across the earth.

Love is the answer. Unbiased education is your power.  Activism will be your tool to create social change.

We will do our best to fight for your safety and pray for your safety. Then one day, the mantel will be in your hands…

I love you. We love you. You will prosper.


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