Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 21, 2013

Can you share and review?

Your recommendations are important. I am an independent artist. I don’t have a huge machine pushing the album. Even if I was to pay a PR firm a large sum of money, there are still no guarantees.

What do I have? I have you! You might not realize this but your word is powerful. When you share a link for the Love album, you reach people who are not in my network.

How do I keep track? I use to keep track of iTunes clicks. When we are consistent with promotions, clicks increase. That is why I ask you to spread the word. If you dig the album, tell a friend about the music.

Why should you review the album? When folks click on a link, they want to know what other people think. When you leave a review, you increase the chances of someone else purchasing the Love album.

As an independent artist, most of the funds go to sustaining the band. Every purchase increases awareness of our existence and the message behind the music.

So I ask, can you share Love? Can you review Love?

Yes? Here are the links:

iTunes: (most popular)
Amazon: (MP3 and CD available)
CD Baby: (Highest return for artist)


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