Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 28, 2013

Funny or Voyeuristic?

Do you find yourself desiring to take a picture/video of a stranger doing something funny or embarrassing? If so, do you find yourself tempted to post that picture/video?

In my social media stream, I see everything from harmless pictures to private videos that became public.

I wonder if the photographer ever thinks “What if that was me?” With Google Glass now a reality, I wonder what types of pictures we will start seeing? The photographer will not have to be discreet with their mobile device…

Recently, I saw some young males videotaping as women walked by in skirts. I guess they wanted to see if the women were wearing underwear. I wanted to turn to the cat and say “She has a vagina and you have a penis. Are you expecting to see something different?” The next question? Will their video be online? I am sure they were not handing out consent forms…

This reminded me of when I was a kid and little boys would try to use a mirror to see under a little girl’s skirt. Some boys of my youth were unaware of human anatomy. They were probably reacting to some taboo instituted by society or just had poor upbringing.

The funny thing is we are supposed to be intelligent beings but I don’t see male bears posting pics of female bears saying “Look, it’s a female bear!” Exploitation for cheap thrills seems like the norm.

We are becoming a more voyeuristic society. Everything is posted and shared online like there is no privacy. People are being photographed without their permission or private acts are made public without consent.

I do my best to keep my private life away from the very voyeuristic public.  When people take pictures of my kids, I respectfully ask them not to post or share online.

With all this technology, who knows where our images will appear. All I can do is respect the being next to me and not post their unflattering picture without their permission no matter how funny or embarrassing I think the moment might be…


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