Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | July 29, 2013

‘Love’ Album Release at Twins Jazz

On August 9th and 10th we will have our big CD Release Concerts at Twins Jazz on U Street. Twins is a very special place for me. I attended my first jam session in DC at Twins when they were on Colorado Ave.  Cats from Baltimore, NYC and of course DC would be in the room sharing and learning.

Heidi Martin: We have a special show in store for you. Heidi Martin & Moon in Scorpio will open for the band. Heidi did a beautiful rendition of my poem Love on the ‘Love’ album. I remember when I first heard Heidi, I was captivated by her voice and storytelling. After Heidi and her group warms up the room with beautiful melodies, my band will take the stage.

Benito Gonzalez is coming down from NYC to join us for this special occasion. I first met Benito when he moved to DC. In 2003, we performed frequently at area clubs. Benito loved playing “One Finger Snap” and we would explore a variety of keys and rhythms together. Benito has always been an energetic player and a beautiful spirit.

John Lamkin will be on drums. I met John at Berklee in 1993. I always remember a concert we did with Bill Pierce on saxophone and Roy Hargrove on trumpet. Two drummers were on stage trading. John’s swing was infectious and hypnotizing. John has a wealth of experience that he brings to the bandstand. I’m truly thankful for his musicianship and friendship. John and his uncle Martin were instrumental in me meeting Steve Turre. In 2001, I stopped by the Blue Note with my friend Rashawn Ross. I saw John and we exchanged greetings. He said “I have someone I want you to meet.” We went upstairs and he introduced me to Steve Turre. Steve said “You are from St. Thomas. I heard about you. This cat name Martin Lamkin told me about you.”

Lasana Mack will be our poet for the evening. James McKinney sent me a Facebook message a few years ago asking if I would be interested in recording with Blacknotes. I heard about the group from mutual friends and loved the concept. After recording the ‘Legacy’ album, Antonio Parker and I were asked to be members of the band. Over time I’ve been truly impressed with Baba Lasana’s work as a bandleader and activist. Lasana is truly a great friend and mentor. His social justice poems and spirit fits in perfectly with the group.

I am truly looking forward to sharing the stage with family. Some I see every day and others I haven’t seen in a while.

Join us at Twins Jazz on August 9th and 10th for the Love album release concert.

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