Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | August 14, 2013

Can we do a better job loving each other?

I think about all the mistreatment in the world. I think about socio & psychopaths wreaking havoc on society. I think about individuals focusing on their personal hustle with no empathy and/or sympathy for their community. I am troubled…

Can we do a better job loving each other?

Why are people throwing acid on other human beings? Why is the race for oil more important than life? Why does the color of one’s skin determine the way they will be treated?

Can we do a better job loving each other?

I sometimes feel like I’m surrounded by skepticism. People are so accustomed to being used that they don’t trust love. They don’t trust sincerity.

Is the problem religion? I think our flawed interpretation of God’s law is the problem. We are so use to thinking the way we learned is the best way. Often times we fail to realize any path lacking in love should be avoided. Frankly, I’m tired of people blaming suffering on an ancient event instead of taking action to heal the wounds caused by injustice today. Love is an action word…

We humans created a system where we rank life… How sick is that? One life is more important than another?! Really? One child should receive better education than another? Is that love? How does that benefit the future of society?

Can we do a better job loving each other? Yes!

We should start with self-love and self-respect then build family and naturally elevate community. Let us nurture confidence, compassion, appreciation, patience, understanding, love and peace. I believe if we do, we will be better.


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