Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | September 2, 2013

Life is never without challenges

Life is never without challenges. It is 4am and I’m between giving thanks for my blessings and planning a course of action to overcome obstacles.

In the last nine months with the help of family, friends and loving supporters, I’ve completed my bachelor’s degree, recorded a new album, been accepted to graduate school, released a new album and completed a successful mini tour.

This week, I officially start graduate school. During the registration/orientation process, I did a lot of reflecting.

There are so many personal and professional accomplishments to be thankful for but at times they can be overshadowed by challenges in life. As I grow, I’m getting better at standing up after a fall. Not letting the bumps in the road deter me from my ultimate goal.

Sometimes I’m asked, “Why do you say positive things frequently?” I firmly believe that we should never give energy to the negative things in life. Like everyone else, I’m challenged. I run into assholes when I walk out my front door. Assholes are everywhere. They seek energy to survive. Should I energize them?

Unlike assholes, life challenges stay with us until they are resolved. These challenges don’t define me but they can be draining. The more I focus on love, the more energy I have to peel away the layers of obstruction. My perception allows me to see a clear path to victory and not lose composure.

The life plan is still in its incipient stages. There’s still so much to do. Any challenge that exists now will only be a distant memory.

This time last year I was nowhere close to enjoying my recent blessings. The challenges that existed then are gone. I give thanks.

Life is never without challenges. With each test, comes growth. I’m living, loving and learning.


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