Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | October 18, 2013

Elements of Life … A new CD? A new exploration

Have you ever been to the ocean early in the morning and watched the sun rise? This question inspired a series of compositions titled “Elements of Life.”

Two weeks ago after a performance, I jokingly said “I should compose songs about the elements.” That joke turned into reality. The next night I could not sleep. I spent the night composing and developing songs based on the five elements.

I began with a thought. Then I explored the nature of our planet throughout human history.

There are three meanings behind the following tunes: Sky, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

First, I focused on the concept of God being everywhere. Why our planet is spared destruction? Just think…big planets regularly reroute comets and other materials that can destroy our home.

Then the second thought came from our time on this planet. I asked one simple question: Have we done more harm than good to our home?

My final thought is based on balance…

When these elements are in balance, we have a harmonious environment for growth. I was left with one question, “Are these elements in balance?”

In each of us, the elements are at work. Imagine if the human body was overly exposed to one element?

Over the next three months, the band and I will spend time seasoning the compositions at various performances. Then, we will head to the studio and explore the “Elements of Life.”

Sky (Aether) is all encompassing. Everything originated from this element.

Wind is based on movement. The energy that flows with unending purpose.

Fire is transformative. With fire, comes change.

Water is transportation. The universal solvent.

Earth is structure. The solid state of matter.



  1. Brilliant Reginald Cyntje, can’t wait to hear and add the “Elements of Life” to my collection. I so appreciate the way you think and what your musical conceptualizations do for the healing of our people and planet; much peace and many blessings to you and your fabulous band!

  2. I would like to attend the rehearsal.

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