Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 15, 2014

Are you new to our sound?

Dear new listener,

Elements of LifeElements’ is my best overall recording to date as a bandleader. The band (RCG) created a sonic synergy that can be found throughout our new musical contribution.

It was important to me to have musicians on the album with which I have a deep connection. Far too often musicians are hired based on name recognition (to sell albums and/or help gain notoriety). I am fortunate to work with a cast of experienced musicians who are serious about bringing a concept to life.

Here is what went into creating the new album:

After spending long hours composing the music, I sent out an email asking the musicians if they would be interested in creating the new album with me. I explained the concept behind each tune. Everyone said yes! Our first rehearsal was at Herman’s house. We looked at the music and discussed how we were going to bring the elements to life.

Shortly after, I scheduled a series of gigs to give us time to season the music. The next rehearsal was at Allyn’s house. This rehearsal allowed us to rehearse in the same spot where we were going to record. We had a few more rehearsals in this setting.

Please note…In addition to rehearsing as a group, Amin and Herman met to work on fine tuning a few songs. That is the level of dedication I have with these amazing musicians.

Rehearsing in the same room we would record in provided a unique opportunity to prepare physically and psychologically for the recording.

We worked on mic placements, prerecorded the ensemble and developed a vibration that came through on the final product.

We recorded the album in one day. Everything went smoothly. We had one or two takes per tune.

The spirit filled the room on February 1, 2014 and ‘Elements of Life’ was born.

This is our sound. Take a listen


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