Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | May 26, 2014

CD, MP3 or Both?

ElementsAs an independent artist, I try to pay attention to the buying habits of listeners. At gigs, folks seem more apt to purchase a CD. I remember offering download cards at gigs and supporters were not interested. But online, I get more sales for digital downloads.

Recently, a loving supporter purchased the album at a gig. As we were talking about the album, they said they will download the album as well so they can have it on all their devices.

I find that I purchase more digital downloads lately so I can have the album on all my digital devices. Now with the cloud, I can carry my collection everywhere without worrying about transferring files.

I still have tons of CDs I haven’t uploaded to my computer. I enjoy sitting back, putting on a CD I haven’t heard in a long time and remembering the first time I heard the music. I think that is one of the things I love about music. It’s ability to capture memories…

As I continue on the path of creating music, I wonder if listeners are creating memories with my albums. It is a high honor to know there are folks listening and sharing my musical dreams that became reality.

Thank you


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