Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | August 4, 2014

Live Music Magic

In the age of computers, I don’t know if music is always alive. But when it is, it’s beautiful.

As a working musician, I love those moments when I perform in front of a listening audience. The energy ignites the music. I can feel the collective spirit in the room and magic happens.

On Friday August 1, 2014, my band performed at one of my favorite spots in DC. The sharing began at 6pm. We had musical conversations about life, love and freedom. I could feel people releasing their joy and pain as we explored the moment together.

We were aware of the atrocities around us. We were aware of the blessings. We collectively allowed the music to feed our soul.

I’ve always been a musician inspired by my surroundings. Music is a living being. The environment dictates the direction of the breath entering my horn. I felt the spirit travel through us. The spirit led us on a journey to our higher self.

I love performing at spots where management, staff and patrons have love and respect for the art. When all parties are contributing love, the end result is beauty.

There are times when the situation is off balance and either side can feel drained in the end. But on Friday August 1st, we shared love. We planted a seed of hope and experienced the joy of life together.

I’m thankful when reciprocity happens on and off the bandstand.


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