Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | August 8, 2014

Sharing Spirit

As a professional musician, it is important to have different streams of income. Performing, teaching, CD sales and royalty payments all contribute to my livelihood. It’s a balancing act…

When in doubt, I look to my elders for guidance on how to manage the pendulum. I pay attention to elders who took care of their family while maintaining careers as musicians. In my community, I know great musicians who are not world “famous” but they have inspired generations of instrumentalist in addition to nurturing the lives of their kids.

I’m not a super star. I don’t have large groups of people going crazy awaiting my next release or buying tickets for upcoming concerts months in advance. I am thankful for my small nucleus of supporters. Seeing a familiar supportive face adds warmth to the music.

I’m amazed at the years folks have invested. They’ve shared encouraging words. They’ve purchased CDs (sometimes multiple CDs as gifts). They come out to concerts and invite friends to help fill seats. For some supporters, I know their stories. Their stories influence the music.

At times, negativity can take a toll on my spirit (wars, violence, family illness, etc.). But in those moments something miraculous happens that recharges my batteries.

Today I’m inspired by purpose. I’m reminded of that moment when I first discovered the connection between music and the human spirit.

This summer, I was able to get ‘Elements of Life’ into the hands of listeners. It was challenging and rewarding. CD sales helped me pay the band at critical moments. Our last concert at Westminster was the highlight of the CD release parties. The energy in the room was perfect.

Last night at my gig, a gifted photographer shared with me his experience at the concert. We talked about the circular energy that exists in a listening room. Most importantly the sharing of spirit… 

My purpose is to share the spirit of music. Life is not perfect but I should never lose sight. I will do my best to share love and hope with each note.



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