Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | August 10, 2014

Spiritual Awakening

In my lifetime, I’ve come in contact with many religious practices. While listening to elders of different faiths, I’ve realized that love is at the core.

In my humble opinion, unconditional love is freedom. Freedom to live and understand. Freedom to learn about our similarities. Freedom to celebrate our differences.

With the concept of love and freedom in mind, I composed nine songs.

Atonement: As a child, I heard many ill statements about other religions that were not of the Christian faith. I was blessed to learn, through research, that some early teachings were incorrect. I imagine many have failed to explore opportunities to love because of misunderstandings. Let us seek forgiveness, understanding and resolution.

Awakening: In my early 20s, I was on an ambitious mission to learn about different cultures. What surprised me were the similarities that existed between different religions. When the shackles of tradition were removed, once I met another spiritual being from a different faith, I was better equipped to understand them. I felt awake and aware. I’m still yearning to learn more.

Beatitudes: Yearning to learn has always been a part of my personality. In the 11th grade, I took a class called “Life Arts.” In that class, we spoke about self-love and self-respect. I think true love of self leads to supreme blessings. God is love. If we can love self, we can love others. If we can love others, we can remove the borders created by centuries of ignorance.

Compassion: Centuries of ignorance have prohibited our ability to see that we are all connected. Any attack on another human being, is an attack on the human family. But how can we see this if we lack compassion. Why are there people who desire to educate some, while keeping others blind? Why do some desire the unbalanced distribution of resources? With compassion, we can strive for equity.

Covenant: If we truly wanted to have a covenant with God, we would strive for equality. Let us work on agreeing to love. This binding agreement will ensure the survival of humanity.

Prayer: Meditation and prayer have played a key role in humanity. Many ancient traditions relied heavily on spiritual health. The path to spiritual health required going within and seeking guidance from the supreme spirit.

Rejoice: When the spirit is at peace, the celebration of life begins. The spirit rejoices when we give thanks for our blessings.

Ritual: Giving thanks is a ritual. Loving self is a ritual. Our religions started out as simple rituals. Let us celebrate life with the ritual of love.

Spiritual: Real love is spiritual. Spirituality (whatever the path) is the celebration of divine love. We can’t let religious doctrine prevent us from loving.

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