Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | August 23, 2014

Why play it safe?

Why play it safe? If you have a platform you can use to create positive change please do so. 60+ million black people (conservative estimation) have been killed due to racism. How are we working to solve the problem?

We can physically take part in actively changing the course of this virus running through communities in the US. Financial empowerment, mentoring, unbiased education, activism and fair laws can change the poisonous narrative. Oppression should be a thing of the past. Too many racist individuals are in positions of power. According to, “anti-black violence has been and still remains the prototypical hate crime, intended not only to injure and kill individuals but to terrorize an entire group of people.”

How can anyone remain complacent to crimes against humanity?

Is it this? Injustice to black people is a black story and many (non-black) people can’t relate. Or, is it this? Some black people who are so intent on assimilating somehow feel this injustice does not apply to them. These assimilators feel only poor black people are affected by this infection. To me, both streams of thought are irrational.

Imagine being hunted. Now compound that with the power of an institution working against you. People are trained to hunt you every day and when you seek justice you rarely succeed.

Imagine your children being hunted. Now combine that with school systems attempting to train them to accept the bleak conditions.

Does this sound like a fairy tale? Well, it isn’t. This unnecessary reality can be eradicated if we take a stance for justice.

Complacency only helps the oppressors. This is our problem. And if we don’t clean up this shit (racial injustice), it will spill into our backyards. Actually, it is already here…

Don’t play it safe. Speak out against injustice and do something to change it.


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