Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | November 25, 2014

Justice Is A Dream Deferred

For the minority of folks that might take the time to read this, I have one simple question. What now?

Before us two types of rage are being explored…

One rage uses influence to diminish funds (jobs, housing) in underprivileged communities. This rage affects school zoning and voting. This rage also implements biased policy.

The other rage is disenfranchised. Innocent lives barely surviving the mockery made by the justice system. Resources are limited and protesting seems like the best course of action.

One group has powerful entities using currency to manipulate minds not paying attention to corruption.

Then there are those who promise to protect but only serve some… Do we have the power to force apologies when atrocities take place?

So many disrespect our community without worry of retribution. So many parents of the disenfranchised try to teach our children how not to appear threatening walking while black.

What about justice? Justice is a dream deferred. But taxes must be paid. Each citizen is required to pay the bill but not every citizen receives the same service.

What now?! We must use our skills for change. We must combine resources with like minds. We have to be ready to respond when the system places a giant boot on our collective necks. The weight of oppression is a burden we carry together. If our plan to protect our people is not ready, we will suffocate.

Our strength is in unity and community. Are we members of organizations for change? Are we pooling resources to develop our own banks and schools? Are we ready to build and protect our assets?

Together we can infiltrate, influence and inspire…


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