Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 4, 2014

Through the Art of Sankofa

sankofaThe institution counts on us not joining forces. The institution is confident we will not invest in our businesses. The institution will use whatever method possible to distract us from the truth. The institution counts on us not knowing the politics of crime in the US. The institution feels comfortable lynching black bodies.

Black human bodies, deserving of equal justice under the law, were lynched (unlawfully murdered). The troubled history of this country reveals a past of inequality. Now how are we going to build group power (combining our $1 trillion net worth)?

Family and friends, we can invest. Economic power is a great start to leveraging our position in this unjust system. Economic power will ensure folks in our community have access to resources. Economic power will allow us to build.

Where are we spending our money? Are we investing in businesses that have our best interest at heart?

Family and friends, we can educate. Education can release a shackled mind. If we are tired of unbalanced education in schools, we can build our own schools or enroll our kids in schools that will invest resources into our children.

Let us turn our anger into action. Protest injustice. Don’t be confused by the media. Protesters are not looters. Protesters are people fighting for a dream deferred.

We can protest injustice by joining a social justice organization and take part in the process. We all have a gift that can be used to bring balance to an outrageously skewed system.

Family and friends, use your voice, your skills, your financial resources, your education and anything else at your disposal to counteract injustice.

Institutionalized racism does not pick or choose who is next. Will we be victims or will we use our collective power to take control?

Through the art of sankofa, we will achieve. Let us learn from our ancestors and ask them for guidance…


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