Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | December 5, 2014

Cooperative Economics

UjammaDuring the time of segregation, most black people looked out for each other. Today, we are fragmented. Unity is needed. Pan-Africanists, Black Nationalists, Black Christians, Black Muslims, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, African Spiritual traditions, Black atheists, Afro Caribbean, Immigrants, young, old and others are all needed to invest in our collective community.

Many of us tried assimilation. Assimilation is not the answer. At one point, assimilation meant survival. But today, we need group power.

Political, economic and spiritual power will assist us in getting the results we craved during the recent mockery of justice.

You know what is revealing about the recent lynchings (unlawful murder of black women and men)? The racist institution feared no repercussions for its actions.

No one feared political, economic or legal backlash. No one feared people protesting.

We must use our collective power to inspire positive change. If you are not a part of a social justice organization, join one today. If you are not supporting black businesses, start today. If you are not working on building a stronger community, learn today.

We cannot afford to wait for the next injustice. Sustained action is required for our survival.

If you are interested in sustained recovery in our community, buy black. If you want to see a stronger community ready to offset the gross injustices, invest in black. If you want unbiased education for our young black children, build progressive schools.

Let us build our own businesses, control the flow of resources in our community and together enjoy the benefits of cooperative economics.

Love is the answer. Let us love ourselves. With community power, we will succeed.


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