Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | April 30, 2015

May 4th is the BIG Day!

SpiritualAwakeningMay4thFamily, friends and loving supporters, Monday May 4, 2015 is the big day! It’s been an uphill battle getting this album out. I really believe a spiritual awakening is needed in our community.

At this moment, I need you to click on download on iTunesget it on Amazon or Buy One Get One Free.

Spiritual Awakening musically embodies humanity’s complex journey from introspection to a celebration of freedom. 

Here is an excerpt from a recent interview: “The name of the album was inspired by a series of events over the last few years. I was struck by the lack of humanity when so many unarmed black people were killed. Then an elder expressed that we need to collectively connect with the spiritual powers of our ancestors…Focusing on spiritual power, I began composing songs that outlined the journey from awareness (Awakening) to freedom (Rejoice).”

Here are the song titles:

1. Awakening 
2. Spiritual
3. Atonement
4. Beatitudes
5. Compassion
6. Covenant
7. Prayer
8. Ritual
9. Rejoice

Download on iTunesGet it on Amazon. Buy One Get One Free at

Allyn Johnson – rhodes and acoustic piano (except 2)
Amin Gumbs – drums (except 4 & 6)
Brian Settles – tenor sax (except 8)
Carroll Dashiell III – drums (track 4 & 6)
Christie Dashiell – vocals
Herman Burney – bass
Janelle Gill – piano (track 2)
Kenny Rittenhouse – trumpet (track 4)
Victor Provost – steel pan
Reginald Cyntje – trombone, composer, producer

Thank you!


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