Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 3, 2016

The mind of a Rabbit – Part Four

Rabbits can fly…

Did you know that sly rabbits can fly? Yes, Yes, Yes… After trauma on big island (rabbit poachers), Mama and Poppa Rabbit found a way to return Rabbit to big oak tree.

Despite the horrendous trip to big island, Rabbit was still unhappy returning home. Rabbit had freedom to hop, swim and live but that was not enough.

The opportunity came… Rabbit told Mama Rabbit and Poppa Rabbit about a trip to meet Dr. With freedom to heal, Rabbit left the big oak tree but deceived the family. Rabbit traded one bird of flight for another and ended up in a distant land.

Rabbit didn’t alert anyone. Mama Rabbit and Poppa Rabbit waited for the bird of flight to arrive near big oak tree. No Rabbit. No messages. The search began…

Is Rabbit alive? Is Rabbit safe? No signs of Rabbit. The coordinator for flights said, “Rabbit is in distant land. They traded seats in Niami.”

Flashbacks from big island forced Rabbit’s family into action. Turtle and Poppa Rabbit made calls. The Embassy of distant land said they can’t help unless Rabbit asked.

While in distant land, Rabbit made more enemies than friends. Rabbit’s goal? Convince others to eat rabbit food. On this path, Rabbit was robbed, chased and harmed but Rabbit refused to stop.  Rabbit…determined to heal others, but self?

“Mouse,” said Turtle. “Rabbit is really sick but some claim Rabbit is a free spirit.” Mouse replied, “Free spirit you say? Rabbit tried to have her nephews taken away.”

How was Rabbit found? Well, Rabbit reached out to Poppa Rabbit and Turtle after being robbed. It was then that Rabbit’s location was revealed. Embassy of distant land knows she is not well but they can’t help.

Do you remember what Lioness said? Here is a refresher… “I know you’ve been running from medicine Rabbit, but you have a chemical imbalance. If you took actions immediately in the beginning and did the work required, you would have healed using the path you prefer…” But Rabbit interrupted Lioness and said “I ain’t takin’ no Babylon drugs!”

Blinded by misguided intellect and misinformation from worldwide spider web, Rabbit’s resources are dwindling. Rabbit continues to invest in schemes then asks Mama and Poppa Rabbit to replenish supplies.

Searching Woogle Rabbit finds quacks to support theories. When professionals advise Rabbit (Armadillo, Spider Monkey, Lioness and others), Rabbit refuses to listen.

Btw, Rabbit is now posting furless pictures on bunnynook…

Turtle is said to be sipping tea near big oak tree waiting for Rabbit to heal.

To be continued…


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