Posted by: Reginald Cyntje | January 4, 2016

The mind of a Rabbit – Part Five (The Backstory)

Rabbit’s backstory…

“Why are so many people helping Rabbit?” asked Cheetah. She continued, “Rabbit has caused so much heartache. I would think all the animals would be tired now.”

Turtle smiled while reminiscing about better days then replied, “Rabbit had a huge heart. I’ve known Rabbit since her birth. When Rabbit was little, she wrote backward B’s. Her educators and family believed in her and those B’s became brilliance.”

Cheetah seemed stunned. “Wow, I guess that’s why it’s hard to convince Rabbit to do what’s best?” asked Cheetah. “That’s part of it,” replied Turtle. “I will try to explain why Rabbit is loved by many,” said Turtle.

Turtle continued, “Rabbit excelled in school. At first, little Rabbit seemed shy but music and academics helped Rabbit express herself.” Cheetah interrupted, “You mean Rabbit was a musician too?!”

Turtle laughed then interjected, “Yes, Cheetah. Let me finish. Hopefully, all your questions will be answered.”

Turtle told Cheetah about all Rabbit’s accomplishments. As Cheetah listened, Turtle continued, “By the time Rabbit got to Dvana Medora Lean High School, she was on the fast track to college. Rabbit was also a great young blutist and steel carrot player. Her high school switched to a block schedule. Rabbit had to let band go and focus on academics.”

“Did she continue playing?” asked Cheetah. Turtle replied, “She stopped playing blute but continued playing steel carrot with the Rising Bunny Stars.

Rabbit received a scholarship to Bunny Mellon University from the local telephone company near big oak tree. At Bunny Mellon, Rabbit was an activist. She fought for bunny rights on campus.

Rabbit became the first in her immediate family to graduate from college. She moved back to big oak tree and became active in the community.

She worked for the telephone company that paid for her college tuition. She also received awards from the Small Bunny Business Development Center, Bunny Business of the Year, Upward Bunny Youth Role Model, Big Oak Tree Building & Cement Scholarship, Big Oak Tree Communications, Inc. Scholarship, and Bunny Senior Leadership Award.

Rabbit was not only a prominent member on the telecommunications community but also a prominent member of the activist community.

Rabbit became president of the League of Bunny Voters.” Turtle took a short break from speaking. Cheetah looked amazed.

Turtle picked up on Cheetah’s energy and continued, “Cheetah, Rabbit did a lot for many near big oak tree. You have to realize Rabbit was a true bunny activist. She worked tirelessly for her community.”

Cheetah looked concerned, “Do you think she burned out?” Turtle replied, “After the first crash, I wondered if she over extended herself. During the last 4 to 5 years, I learned a lot about Rabbit. I think 2011 contained the perfect storm. Rabbit experienced a lot of trauma that year. Up until 2011, Rabbit gave a lot of herself to family, friends, work and community. Because of her love for others, the community of big oak tree is working to help her heal.”

Turtle looked at Cheetah. His face began to change. “Cheetah, Rabbit has a brilliant and beautiful mind. Sometimes brilliance breaks. I’m not sure if we can put it back together but we are doing our best to be here for Rabbit.”

To be continued…



  1. I believe awareness is a big part of the problem but until someone’s ready for change they will continue to create a world for themselves of people who are enablers who tell them what they want to hear and who they can continue to go to get their needs met whether emotionally, financially, etc. I believe a lot of times people do realize that they are operating in crisis mode and need to get help but are not willing to accept the stigma of being labeled mentally ill, drug addict, etc.

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